BBQ Skewers
BBQ Skewers
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TLC BBQ offers up to 80 selections of BBQ skewer which is marinated by various Malaysia's spices. Each skewers are specially marinated and prepared so that our customer can savor each unique flavor.


 Freshly sliced pork and pork belly creates a chewy and bouncy texture as each bite grands satisfactions. Indulge with our simmering pork belly slices as it taste wonders when immersed with our signature tomato soup. 

In TLC BBQ, we aim to achieve 3 key goals, enhance customer satisfaction, maintain high quality food and provide top-notch customer service.

🔴TLC《烤霸》引领大马口味的烧烤风潮🍢!#任吃任拿 #360度旋转懒人烧烤+火锅料理🔴 


TLC《烤霸》主打大马本土口味的烧烤,所提供的酱料和食材(总共80多种)!重点是这里的招牌饮料酸梅汤混合了7种药材,有养颜、开胃、消化的功效,跟烧烤以及火锅一起享用真是绝配 ≧◇≦

BBQ Skewers



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